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Medical Diagnostics Startups Ecosystem

Updated: Sep 18, 2021

Medical diagnostics are tests that help in detecting or diagnosing the presence of any disease or pathogen in an individual’s sample who is suspected to have a disease. Early detection of any disease provides a higher chance for a cure for that disease. The advancement in diagnostic testing techniques is a driving force for the startup companies to provide effective and improved healthcare to all the sectors of the world.

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The diversity of the start-ups in different regions of the world determines that almost every country is trying to come up with rapid testing techniques at a lower cost. It is observed that many big investors and multinational venture companies like Bill Gates, Amazon, Tencent, etc. are investing in such start-ups.

Due to this, there are new opportunities and requirements for the development of diagnostic testing techniques that are cost-effective, accessible, effective, and safe.

Some interesting life sciences companies in this area are:

HEARTVISTA (Los Altos, CA) is the only AI-guided MRI platform. It prescribes the standard cardiac views, acquiring images up to 6x faster with a single click using the HeartVista smart heart protocol automatically.

Noscendo (Duisburg, Germany) offers a completely new way of identifying pathogens. Through a paradigm shift based on proprietary algorithms and software harnessing next-generation sequencing, Noscendo identifies pathogens from patient samples. In this way, Noscendo helps physicians in their daily work to make the right decisions in difficult situations in a relevant time frame.

Qbio (Redwood City, CA) uses a systems biology approach called panomics to build a comprehensive, quantitative snapshot of your health by combining advanced non-invasive imaging, chemistry, genetics, vitals, and your medical history.

aetherAI (Taipei City, Taiwan) is a medical image AI company that is focusing on improving digital pathology. With physicians’ needs in mind, aetherAI blends multi-modality image viewer, annotation tools, and deep learning frameworks into its integrative web platform that effortlessly turns data into insight. Using their own platform, aetherAI has built an expert-level cancer screening model and prognosis prediction models that are ready for clinical trials.

Altoida (Greater Houston Area, Southern US) provides an NMI device that offers an ingenious way to detect early disease and track progression without prolonged cognitive testing. Altoida Medical Device (AMD) provides health care professionals objective measurements of cognitive performance.

GRAIL (Menlo Park, CA) is working with the best talent in biology, clinical science, bioinformatics, deep learning, and engineering to develop a blood test combining high-intensity genomic sequencing and complex computational algorithms that assess vast amounts of clinical data to find cancer-specific patterns for early detection of cancer.

Do you want to know more about such companies? Please sign up for early access to BioHubble and explore the medical diagnostics startups ecosystem at the click of a button!

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