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AI Healthcare Startups Ecosystem

Updated: Jan 24, 2020

Global Healthcare Artificial Intelligence (AI) market is expected to reach $19.25 billion by 2026 growing at a CAGR of 40%. This presents a hot investment opportunity for life sciences investors ,interested in riding the growth bandwagon.

Applications have been in patient data and risk analytics, medical imaging and diagnosis, drug discovery, precision medicine, hospital workflow management, tumor pathology/radiology, ophthalmology, cardiology and oncology.  

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Leveraging AI, companies are aiming to disrupt the old processes of drug discovery, enhancement, manufacturing, and regulation to bring immediate medication to patients.

Using BioHubble (our proprietary telescope-like product), we spotted a few shining stars on the map.

Lantern Pharma (Dallas, TX, USA)  is an emerging, oncology-focused, clinical stage pharma at the intersection of Artificial Intelligence, Genomics, and Machine Learning. Their mission is to deliver precision oncology therapies to the right cancer patients with significantly reduced costs and timelines.

Nala (Riyadh, Saudi Arabia) has launched an artificial intelligence platform that enables instant medical diagnosis in Arabic. The platform will provide users with an accurate medical diagnosis within seconds.

Biofourmis (Singapore/Boston, US) has developed a platform that uses artificial intelligence to analyze data collected by such sensors to quickly identify symptoms of heart attacks and other ailments.  It raised $35 million from U.S. investment fund Sequoia India, Openspace Ventures of Singapore and the Singapore government's venture capital arm EDBI.

Synyi (Shanghai, China) developed a new generation hospital informatics platform with AI capabilities in 2018. Not only does this platform have all the functions of informatics platforms built by traditional HIT companies but also the ability to extract information from medical records. In 2018, Synyi raised $15.7M in Series B funding led by GGV Capital, with Sequoia Capital China and Zhen Fund participating in the same round.

TH Capital (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia) has invested in Naluri, a digital therapeutics startup  by combining behavioral science, data science and digital design, to build the mental resilience needed for patients suffering from  obesity, diabetes, heart disease and depression.

BioHubble is a one stop shop to track investors, companies, people and technology in the early stage life sciences ecosystem globally, all at the click of a button. No hassles of looking for information in different places, verifying, consolidating and then keeping manual track of new information for previously set filters. We have already taken care of that, for you.

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